Have you met our Micellar Gel Cleansers?

You may have spotted our Micellar Cleansers popping up here and there, but we wanted to officially introduce you to them.

Our all-in-one Micellar Gel Cleansers not only cleanse the skin but also soothe, tone, hydrate and remove make-up, even on eyes and lips – no rinsing required. Leaves skin instantly refreshed, comfortable and residue-free in one quick step.  

The Collagen Micellar Cleanser is packed with conditioning plant extracts including Calendula, Chamomile and Passionflower to protect and sooth the skin. Anti-ageing Collagen supports the skin and helps promote a firmer appearance, whilst Glycerin and Kukui Nut Oil lock in moisture, for a plump, youthful looking complexion.

The vegan-friendly Cucumber Micellar Cleanser is infused with refreshing Cucumber to cool, balance and condition the skin, whilst Glycerin locks in moisture. This lightweight formula glides over your skin attracting make-up and dirt and delivers instant soothing hydration, leaving it feeling smooth without any tight or drying sensations sometimes experienced after cleansing.

Both Micellar Gel Cleansers are suitable for all skin types, true multi-taskers, these light, soothing and hydrating water-gel formulations are perfect for mature and even sensitive skin.

For best results…

Apply to cotton pad and gently wipe over face and eyes, hold pads over eyes to dissolve heavy make-up, then gently remove. Repeat if necessary. No rinse required after use.

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Why Propolis?

Bees are incredible.

They aren’t only a source of delicious honey, they also produce Propolis.

Propolis is a powerful, wonder ingredient that tends to fly under the radar, but we are slowly seeing a growth in popularity in the skincare industry, and we are not surprised at all.

As avid Propolis enthusiasts we want you to know exactly why we use it in our skincare products and explain why you should be adding it to your skincare regime too.

What is Propolis?

To create propolis, Bee’s head to the trees to collect sap. Trees pay a large contribution to the creation of Propolis…

Trees have had to evolved over time to survive all the environmental aggressors that have been thrown at them over thousands of years – bacterial, pollution, insects, etc. The trees excrete a waxy resin, sap, which coats their newly formed buds to protect them as it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Bee’s collect this sap, then work it with their front legs whilst adding beeswax, honey and bee-produced enzymes to the mixture, this forms the resin-like material which we know as Propolis.

What do Bee’s do with Propolis?

The name Propolis translates from Greek to ‘Defender of the City’, which is a very appropriate term to describe the role of propolis in the beehive. It defends the hive in several ways, firstly it is used to seal gaps to strengthen the hive and stop potential predators invading and to prevent decomposition within the hive.

Propolis is rich in amino acids, vitamins, mineral and most importantly, bioflavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant effects which is why bees use the Propolis to sterilise the hive. Bees will coat areas and invaders in propolis to prevent and control the potential spread of bacterial growth within the hive.

Propolis is so effective at preventing infections in the hive, that they even line all entries to the hive with it, so that they must crawl through a tight tunnel of propolis to enter and leave. This way bees are cleansed of microbes as they enter the hive, and the sterility of the hive is maintained.

Propolis functions as the natural defence and immune system of the beehive.

Why would we use Propolis on our skin?

When used on the skin, this special ingredient generally translates from how it helps protect a hive – helps to protect and support the skin too. The naturally powerful properties of Propolis hold a wealth of benefits for most skin types, and many skin concerns or skin that feels or looks unhealthy.

Propolis is most commonly known for its calming and restoring capabilities, so if you are prone to sensitive, reactive, volatile, irritated or problematic skin, Propolis is your saviour! Propolis has powerful soothing properties which work quickly to comfort and calm the skin.

So, if you have dehydrated or flaky skin, Propolis will also help restore skin’s natural moisture barrier to help smooth skin texture, for soft and supple skin from top to toe. It is also the ideal hydrating and soothing ingredient for breakout prone, hormonal or oily skin too, as it hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

It’s hard to protect skin from harmful environmental stressors in today’s modern life, but they can lead to dehydration, blocked pores, lack of radiance and a weakened skin barrier. The high anti-oxidant content helps to keep free radicals from causing cellular damage, for an energised, healthy-looking complexion.

Propolis is also ideal for breakout prone, hormonal or oily skin, firstly it helps hydrate the skin without a creamy or heavy residue and without clogging pores, which is always a bonus.

Propolis feeds your skin with natural nurturing care which keeps skin looking healthy and in tip-top condition. Also remember, prevention is better than cure, and gentle enough for every day use so if you are prone to skin woes give propolis ago today.

So, to conclude, why wouldn’t you want to use Propolis on your skin. Now hopefully you understand what the buzz is all about! Pun absolutely intended. Keep your eye out for a Propolis treat heading your way imminently…


Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel

Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel 250ml – If you are someone that is concerned with ageing skin, or find yourself waking up each day with a dull, tired looking complexion, then this is where Vitamin ACE Gel comes into its own. This cooling gel which contains Vitamins A, C and E can be used all over the face and body. This is able to protect your skin against the elements and any damage that they can cause and therefore protect it against more signs of ageing. This gel contains pink beads which contain Vitamin C and E, the Vitamin A is in the gel itself. As this gel is massaged into the face and body, these beads, that have been kept as pure as possible, burst onto the skin giving it an intensive treatment. order on line or message me, we deliver all over Cyprus and Greece https://xtessentials.com/product/vitamin-ace-skincare-gel/

Vitamin ACE Day and Night Cream

This is the most advanced technology that SBC do in a product – it has oxyzones locked into the product Vitamin ACE – there are 1000’s of tiny capsules in each jar what they do they lock the Vitamin C and Vitamin E inside and as you push that into the skin they burst upon contact giving you shots of vitamins into the skin – Vitamin C will brighten the skin and Vitamin E well help to improve the texture and condition giving a glass like finish and vitamin A is really important for cell renewal. If you are lucky enough to have purchased our Collagen Skincare Gel this day and night cream can be applied over the Gel – order today or message me we deliver all over Cyprus and Greece https://xtessentials.com/product/vitamin-ace-day-night-cream/

Collagen Body Butter

One of our best sellers Collagen Body Butter – your skin will soak up this richer body butter.
Shea Butter which we know is really good at absorbing into the skin – what’s special about out Body Butter is its not greasy, its thick but light.
Vitamin-rich Kukui Seed Oil an exotic Passion Flower Oil are ideal for skin that’s prone to inflammation and sensitivity so they are very effective at keeping skin subtle but not reactive.
So sometimes when you go into skin that is mature and dry you go into anti-ageing ingredient’s which can sometimes be quite aggressive and sometimes cause reaction. SBC Collagen collection is suitable for all mature skin types even if you’re sensitive – and this is Collagen for our bodies ladies. We deliver all over Cyprus and Greece order on line or message mehttps://xtessentials.com/product/collagen-body-butter/