Breakouts…….What to do about them ………….

If your skin is prone to breakouts, avoid picking or squeezing! This will lead to the spreading of infection and could result in a scar being left behind. Instead, find a product specifically created for treating blemishes. A key ingredient to look out for is Propolis, as this is “natures antibiotic” and will clear up any bacteria. Other ingredients such as chamomile and calendula will also work effectively at reducing any swelling and redness which can often occur on blemished skins.

Propolis Skincare Gel

It is very complex, the extracts comes from the beehive and the resin its self is absolutely  tiny so its created by the bees by collecting the amino acids, the extracts from trees and plants they mix it with their own enzymes  take it back to the hive and fill the gaps around the hive to keep hive clean and antibacterial and free from infection.

How to use it

Cleanse, tone your skin, then before you apply your day and night cream take your Propolis Skincare Gel and use it like a serum like a concentrate on your skin it has active ingredients so its going to keep you skin in a really healthy clean environment.

Use it as a prevention, if you know you get break outs, if you know your skin, it’s not just for face it’s for body as well, if your skin is dry, flaky, itchy, irritated that sometimes happens in winter use it as a prevention put it under your moisturizer, body butter, body lotion its really going to give your skin a fighting chance to be healthy as possible and to function effectively