Why I started this

I am a great believer if you love something then you should share this joy with others.

My on line shop is all about bringing you a particular product that I myself use on a day to day basis and could not live without.

We hope in time to bring more exciting brands to our shop. However, for the time being we will start with the SBC Gels. We intend to spoil you rotten with products that are not only practical but affordable too.

You can purchase our products on line today and we will arrange delivery via ACS Couriers.

My passion with SBC..

S tarted about 4 years ago. You see I moved to Cyprus in 2000 and found it incredibly difficult to keep my body hydrated in the hot summer months without sweating like a waterfall.

Then came SBC into my life - I was sold when I saw the word COLLAGEN. My journey started there with the entire collagen range for face and body. No more sweating hoorah you hear me cry hoorah indeed. Not only was I hydrating my body I was also adding extra collagen which lets face it, is a girls best friend.

I then started trying more products and have a personal passion with the Propolis Range - you see I suffer with Psoriasis and Propolis is fantastic for skin disorders and it offers me a long term solution to my skin disorder as i personally can not rely on prescription creams as a long term solution. I am not saying that what works for one person will work for all but I personally have tried so many products and the Propolis really helps to keep my Psoriais at bay. Then I started to use the Arnica range too for muscle fatigue (I am a complete exercise junky you see) so after that crazy workout Arnica Gel hits the spot.

There are so many exciting products I hope to bring to you from Rose and Argan, Aloe Vera, Jasmin, etc you have to try to understand why I love SBC so much.