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Vegan Skincare…

To make life simple we’ve put together an SBC vegan skincare routine, to clear the way for a radiant and beautiful 2021…

A luxurious and effective skin and body care routine to suit a vegan lifestyle is easy with SBC. SBC Skincare is a cruelty-free brand, with most products being vegan-friendly. In fact, we currently have over 20 vegan-friendly collections for you to peruse.

So, if you’re looking to try something new and vegan-friendly this year, or you’re already following a plant-based lifestyle, why not check out some of our vegan skincare.

SBC’s Vegan Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse every morning, and double cleanse every evening…

The first cleanse is to remove make-up or SPF, the second focuses on deeply cleansing your skin, allowing key ingredients from your cleanser to be more effective. You can use either of the two vegan-friendly cleansers below in your morning routine – no need to double cleanse at that time.

Use the Green Tea & Ginkgo Biloba Gel Cleanser as your first cleanse. This one is a bit of a hidden gem amongst our SBC products adored at SBC HQ and we think you’ll love it too. This is a triple-action gel to cleanse, remove-make-up and tone the skin. The antioxidant-rich formula is infused with Green Tea and Ginkgo Biloba to stimulate and revitalise the skin. Simply massage onto a dry face and remove with cotton pads or a face cloth.

For your second Cleanse use the Coconut & Plumeria Conditioning Cream Cleanser, the perfect winter cleanser. First, the tropical aroma will remind you of a warm sultry beach and second, the nourishing formula will comfort and soothe the skin. Formulated with extracts of Coconut, Plumeria and Bamboo, with a blend of minerals, to strength and soothe the skin. Massage all over your face and neck, then rinse away, or remove with a damp face cloth, revealing a smooth and radiant complexion.

2. Apply your vegan-friendly eye cream, the Green Caviar Perfecting Eye Gel.

Hydrate and smooth the skin around the delicate eye area with this refreshing, lightweight eye gel. Enriched with a unique blend of Green Caviar, Hyaluronic Acid and Early Boost®, this formula is fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

3. Treat and hydrate with the Green Caviar Perfecting Serum

This vegan-friendly serum packs a powerful hydration punch! Enriched with Green Caviar, Hyaluronic Acid and Early Boost®, the antioxidant-rich formula helps to prevent and improve the appearance of fine lines, and loss of skin firmness. Leaving you with a smooth, plump and radiant complexion.

4. Finish with the Green Caviar Perfecting Moisturiser

Lock in essential moisture with this vegan moisturiser formulated with Green Caviar, Rodacea Extract, Green Tea, nourishing Glycerin, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Delivering intense hydration to help protect the skin’s natural barrier, for beautifully soft, smooth skin with a fresh dewy glow.

Your SBC Vegan Body Care Routine

At SBC, we pride ourselves on offering effective skincare for the body, so make sure you treat every inch of your skin the same. Here is our recommended body care routine, for healthy-looking skin from top to toe:

1. Cleanse and revive skin with Salicylic Body Wash

You may have already discovered this new body wash. It launched last year and is quickly becoming a favourite for many of our fabulous SBC customers. The Salicylic Body Wash is the perfect winter ‘go-to’ vegan body wash. The refreshing aroma will instantly make you feel refreshed and awakened, while the effective formula will help renew and revive winter skin. Salicylic Acid and AHAs gently slough away dead skin cell, to reveal silky-smooth soft skin.

2. Treat and renew skin with the Glycolic Resurfacing Body Serum

Serums are not just for your face, for the ultimate silky-soft skin try our Glycolic Resurfacing Body Serum. This unique and powerful formula will target dullness and uneven texture, whilst hydrating the skin to reveal bright, silky smooth skin.

3. Moisturise the skin with the Sea Minerals Body Butter

Now, as it is winter, our skin tends to be a lot drier than usual, thanks to the combination of cold weather, moving from cold to warm air and central heating. Opt for a richer, more nourishing formula to keep skin silky smooth through the winter. Smooth on this luxurious and rejuvenating Body Butter, infused with Blue Algae and essential minerals to strengthen, soothe and restore suppleness.… it also smells sensational!

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